Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day Photo: If you can't stand sharing a candy jar at work, get your own

It's funny how tempting a (or, ahem, ten) mini candy bar(s) can be when it's Tuesday (or Monday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday) at 3pm. At that time, when you're at work, the world around you seems dead and gray - time is ticking so slowly, it seems like it's going backwards, you're beat from the day already, and all you can think about is what's on TV tonight/what's for dinner tonight/how many hours until the weekend arrives - and to boot, you're stuck like a caged animal inside your office or cubicle, the "outside world" nothing but a pretty framed window that you can steal glimpses at here and there (that is, if you're lucky enough to even HAVE a window. Luckily, I am.) 

What cures this? Why, a handful of FREE chocolate, that's what. Eaten uncontrollably, no portion control taken into consideration.

We have this woman in our office who works until 3pm everyday, and around 3:03, there's always a rush to her cube, followed by a rustling / clinking sound. Some way or another, all us offfice mates end up bumping into each other either in her cube, or on the way to or from her cube. Why? Because she has an AWESOME candy jar (aka FREE CANDY) on her desk.

We raid it when she leaves. It's sad, really, but it gets us up and moving, injects us with much needed sugar, and gives us, I think, a general sense of office comaraderie. The worst is when you think she's left for the day already, and you take the turn into her cube, your grabbing handing reaching across the desk, and boom, you realize she's still there. You feel stupid, smile, acknowledge how lame you look because yes, she knows and you know you've been waiting, what, like ALL DAY, to raid her cube for its free candy. Luckily, she's a doll, a Mom doll, actually, so she just smiles at you sweetly, knowingly, and winks, and you dip in. Because what are you supposed to do, say, "Oh! Hi. I was just rushing over here to say hi, and bye, because it's 3 and I wanted to say bye before you left. At 3. Right. OK. So I'll just be going now..."

Because I'm pregnant and somehow turned into a chocolate cow aka whore overnight (not that I wasn't before, but now, it's ten fold) I decided I'd make my OWN candy jar. I mean, yeah, the reason it's great when OTHER people at work have candy jars on THEIR desks is because you're not constantly tempted by it, and you have to wait until a certain time of day to raid it. Also, you do it in moderation (the frequency of visits and the number of candies you grab) because you feel like a blatant cheap pig who is too cheap to buy her own candy.

Well, I decided to become one of "those" people. Except, I don't have a cute jar from Crate and Barrel or Homegoods on my desk. I just hit up CVS for their 2 for $5 bag-o-candy deals and then throw it all in a drawer in my desk (photo below).

And, I didn't even tell anybody that I'm doing this, out of fear of embarrassment - I mean, how lame is that? I have to secretly stow away 5 pound bags of candy in my desk drawer? Please.

So then of course it begs the challenge of opening up a candy bar wrapper very, very quietly, over and over and over again.


Beth said...

Ahhh Kerri, you can always make me laugh!! I have banned chocolate from my clinic due to my uncontrolable eating and I don't have the pregnancy excuse!

Lucy said...

Ohhhh Kerri, this cracked me up! When I was at Uni, I worked part-time for a media reporting company and in the break room there would be one of those chocolate baskets where you would donate $1.00 for each mini-bar. I individually went through the WHOLE thing in 4 days. Also, Lauren would keep chocolate in her desk at work and I would all of hers...then replace them...and eat the replacements. Ha!